Bobcat Specifications T870: Power, precision, and versatility

Bobcat T870, a compact track-loader powerhouse, is recognized for its incredible power, precision and versatility. The Bobcat T870 is an excellent choice for contractors looking to maximize their productivity. Here we will examine the T870 loader specifications, its capabilities, and features.

Bobcat T870 equipped with powerful diesel engines that deliver exceptional power. The exact engine model will vary based upon the region and production year. It is usually between 100 to 110 hp. T870 offers a reliable and efficient performance thanks to its robust engine.

Operating capacity: A feature that makes the T870 stand out is its high-rated operating capability (ROC). Depending on configurations and features available, the T870 can offer a ROC ranging anywhere from 3,525 to 3,525 pounds (1 598 to 1,598 kilograms). This allows it to lift heavy objects and attachements with ease.

Tipping Load When determining the Bobcat T870’s stability, it is important to know its tipping load. T870 tipping loads typically range from 3,198 to 3,198 kg (3,050 to 7,050 lbs). For a safe and stable operating environment, this is particularly important when you are working in uneven or sloping ground.

Speed of Travel: This is designed for efficient travel between sites, and in larger areas. The T870 has an average maximum speed of 11 kilometers per hours (7.3 miles). It allows the operator to move material efficiently around a site and can navigate effectively.

Flow and pressure: Hydraulic flow and pressure is one of the most important aspects for any compact track loader. The T870 performs exceptionally well in this respect. Hydraulic flow is typically around 23.7 gallons/minute (89.7-liters/minute) with a maximum pressure of about 3,500 psi. With these specifications, the T870 will be able to efficiently operate attachments ranging from hydraulic breakers and augers to buckets and grapples.

Operatingweight: Bobcat T870 weights vary depending on configurations and features. In average, T870 operating weights range from 12,948 to 13280 pounds (5.874 to 6.017 kilograms). It includes all the equipment that comes with your machine as standard, along with tracks and a full tank of fuel. An operating weight that is well balanced will contribute to the stability of your machine during excavation and lifting.

Available Buckets: T870’s bucket sizes can be adjusted to fit different needs for digging or material handling. Bucket sizes vary from general buckets of around 74 inch (188 centimeters), to smaller ones for specialized work. The size of the bucket you select depends on how much material and what type of application it is.

Width, Height: T870’s compact design makes it easy to move through narrow spaces. This machine has a typical width and height around 82″ (208 cm). With its compact dimensions, the T870 is able to fit into tight spaces while offering excellent visibility.

Comfort and Operational Features: User comfort and productivity is paramount to the T870’s design. The spacious, ergonomic cab offers excellent visibility with simple controls. To ensure comfort, the T870 cab is available with either heating or air-conditioning options. In addition, the T870 features an advanced display with touch controls for increased control and monitoring.

Attachments, Versatility Bobcat T870’s versatility makes it a strong machine. Attachments include buckets (forks), grapples, hydraulic breaks, augers, etc. Due to its versatility, the T870 excels at a range of different applications. Switching between attachments is made easier with the quick attachment-change system.

Tracks, Undercarriage T870’s rubber tracks provide excellent traction on even the most difficult terrain. The design of the undercarriage increases durability and long-term performance, while reducing costs.

Bobcat T870 compact tracks loader can be summarized as a powerful machine designed for heavy-duty material handling. This compact track loader has a strong engine and impressive capacity. Compatible with many attachments, its versatility makes it a great choice for various applications. This machine’s large cab with its user-friendly controls and good visibility makes it an excellent choice for long-term operators that need both comfort and productivity. Bobcat T870 offers exceptional power, precision, and durability for any task, including moving heavy materials or loads, digging, or handling material.

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