There are many interesting uses for glass beads

Glass bead collecting is an interest for many. It is because they are different and versatile. These beautiful beads look great and are perfect for creating elegant jewelry. A long and intriguing history has been woven into the glass bead. The beads are used as body decorations since ancient times. There is only one difference: they used to hand make them, and they are now mass produced by factories. They are made in some countries by highly skilled artisans. These include lampwork (also known as blown or etched glass), millefiori etc.

You can easily find the perfect glass beads for your projects with today’s wide range of styles, sizes, and shapes. We will explore many fascinating glass bead uses in this post, including jewelry-making.


Create stylish and unique coasters by using glass beads. You can easily make coasters with these items. The fact that they have a regular shape allows them to be wrapped around each other in a circular pattern. If you want to make coasters, then you can stick them on a flat surface such as a piece of cardboard or plastic. The shapes and patterns you can achieve are endless.

Curtains hangings

The shapes and sizes are varied. They range in sizes from millimetres up to several inches. The beads are great for making curtain hangings. Use satin or silk fringes to finish your look.

Decorate flower pots

Decorate your pots of flowers, your vases, and anything else you want in your house with colorful and small beads. To attach beads to vases and pots, you can use glue. With these beads, you can draw flower shapes or outline other forms.


Glass beads of medium sizes can also be used to design a faux-no light chandelier. Choose different colors, or go for faceted coloredless beads that will reflect light the most. Wire can be used to create the frame and you can then hang the beads into any pattern.

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